Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova, sculpture artist, read about Down-lanterns in Professor A.Roger Ekirch's book, “At Day's Close - Night in Times Past”.  In the Down-country of southern England in early days, they built chalk mounds to mark the tracks from village to village over the downs, to prevent people going astray at night. Hillview, Sutton Forest was the Governor of NSW’s summer residence from 1882-1958. Judy created the Hillview Down-lanterns as a marker for the property, and as an allusion to the very popular last British Governor of NSW (1937-1946), Lord Wakehurst, who was from Sussex in the South Downs of England.

Judy built this land art installation initially to signal the coming Sculpture-on-High@Hillview exhibition, which opened on 3rd November 2012, as a part of the Southern Highlands Arts Festival. For the 2014 Sculpture at Hillview exhibition, Judy painted the Down-lanterns with solar photo luminescent paint so they now glow at night. In May for the 2016 Sculpture at Hillview exhibition, Judy used barricade tape to temporarily join the down-lanterns and create a Viking rune symbol “Algiz”, symbolising protection for the unique heritage rural and cultural landscape - seen in the background of the video - of the surrounding National Trust’s Exeter/Sutton Forest Landscape Conservation Area which contains 43 properties individually listed on the National Trust Register and which is also currently under threat from coal mining operations.

To see more of Judy's work, please visit the following websites:  http://www.sculptorssociety.com/Sculptor_Detail.aspx?Sculptorid=152


“Hillview Down-Lanterns, Sutton Forest, New South Wales”     

Feature length 3 mins     

Producer/Director/Editor:  Beryl Seckington