Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova Sculptor Artist.  FRONSNOVA , “new leaf” in Latin, signifies for me growth, potential and renewal.

Expressing my ideas through sculpture and the visual arts is another way to develop, explore and share some key organisational principles of wholeness, unity, harmony, ‘the implicate order’ of quantum physicist David Bohm, and the integration of reality and nature in actual and material form.

I try to observe and describe the fundamental shapes, sacred geometry, poetic patterns and essential elements of nature and humanity and then translate them through natural materials like stone, metal, glass and bronze into distilled thoughts, captured moments and tactile abstract sculpture to share with others in the environment.

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“Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova Sculpture Artist”     

Feature length Approx 10 mins     

Producer/Director/Editor:  Beryl Seckington