Event:     Melting Pot Theatre - Crash Test Drama

“Crash Test Drama, Bundanoon, Gala Performance Trailer - 2014”      length 3 mins

Director:  Beryl Seckington

Producer: Beryl Seckington

Video:       Beryl Seckingto and  Lee Boradale

Editor:      Beryl Seckington

Bundanoon is situated about 2 hours drive south of Sydney, in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  

This is a trailer of the Crash Test Drama Gala Final 2014, presented by The Melting Pot Theatre, Bundanoon on 23rd November 2014. This trailer contains clips from 4 of the 8 plays that were performed on the day. Editing by Beryl Seckington.   www.meltingpottheatre.org.au

Melting Pot Theatre was formed in 2012 to create theatre in the southern villages and towns of the beautiful Southern Highlands.
Crash Test is a tried and tested vehicle, allowing writers to showcase original short plays that are cast, rehearsed and performed all in a single day.